About Your Elementary Principal

Trevor Hoegh

Mr. Trevor Hoegh

Yutan Public Schools
Empowering growth in and beyond the classroom
Yutan Elementary Principal
902 - 2nd Street, Yutan, Nebraska 68073
Phone: 402-625-2141
Email: thoegh@yutanhs.com

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Yutan Elementary, home of the Chieftains. The faculty and staff join me in saying we’re happy to have you part of the Yutan family. I am so excited to start the new school year off! I’m looking forward to building on those positive relationships with the community, parents, and students and starting the new school year.

Each year at the elementary is a time of change.  You will be expected to attend school regularly, complete all assignments, behave appropriately, and always do your best. The pages of the handbook are filled with important information regarding school policies and procedures. Parents and students should review the contents together. If you have any questions, please call the school office. We feel that open and clear communication between school and home is important to the success of our educational program.

The Yutan Elementary planner was designed to assist your child in organizing his/her daily, weekly, and long-term assignments. This program will improve your child’s organizational skills and serve as a helpful reference for parents who seek to provide academic support at home. Yutan Elementary parents are our partners in the important job of education the children of this community.

Your year will be exciting and filled with many opportunities.  We look forward to helping, supporting, and encouraging you on this wonderful journey. Good luck at Yutan Elementary School, and we hope this year will be your most rewarding year ever.

My background:

I grew up on a farm west of here in Hampton. Hampton is located 6 miles east of Aurora and 30 miles west of York. I graduated from Hampton High School in 1996 and then attended Nebraska Wesleyan in Lincoln. After graduating in 2000 with my Elementary degree and coaching minor, I took a 5th grade teaching job at Syracuse Elementary in Syracuse, Nebraska. While at Syracuse, I was involved with a lot of coaching. I was the assistant football coach, assistant boy's basketball coach, assistant track coach, and head boy’s junior high basketball coach. In 2007, I left Syracuse to take a 5th grade teaching job at Wheeler Elementary in Millard. I completed my masters in Educational Leadership through Doane College in the summer of 2007, and started to pursue administration. I spent one year at Wheeler Elementary in Millard, and the next year taught 5th grade at Spring Ridge in Elkhorn. While at Elkhorn, I completed my K-12 endorsement and spent many hours helping Tom Ramsbottom with AD duties at the high school. In February of 2009, I accepted the 7-12 principal job at Hampton. I spent two years in Hampton. While at Hampton I was the 7-12 principal, Activities Director, head boy's basketball coach, substituted, worked in the kitchen, mowed, scooped snow, changed light bulbs, cleaned floors, etc. I wouldn't trade having the opportunity to go back home for a few years and give back to the community that gave me so much while growing up. But I feel my strength is at the elementary level and my philosophy fits better in an elementary setting. I’m starting my 11th year here in Yutan, and love working with our staff and being apart of this wonderful community.

My family life:

I married my best friend, Sarah, on July 25, 2008. She is originally from Aurora, Nebraska. Sarah was a special education teacher for Gretna Public Schools for four years, then stayed at home for 11 years with our kids. Two years ago, Sarah rejoined Gretna Public Schools as a special education teacher at Falling Waters Elementary. Sarah and I have 3 amazing children: Aniston is a 7th grader, Briggs is in 5th grade, and Mabry will be in 3rd grade here at Yutan.