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2017-2018 Current Events Poetry

By Multimedia Marvels, Yutan


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The sixth graders spent the year leaning about poetry and how the words are organized into lines and stanzas.  Poetry is a form of literature that uses rhythm, rhyme, sound, or structure to express something in an artistic way.


The sixth graders also spent the year learning about current events, using a website called Flocabualry.  The website introduced current events through educational hip-hop songs and videos for 2017-2018 school year.


For this year's project, students created raps based on current events, using a variety of rhyme schemes.  The students planned videos, created backgrounds, and rapped their original songs/raps.



Please click the month/year below to hear a hip-hop song about what happened in the news during that month.  ENJOY!!!


1.  June 2017

2.  August 2017

3.  September 2017

4.  October 2017

5.  November 2017

6.  December 2017

7.  January 2018

8.  February 2018

9.  March 2018

10.  Yutan 2017-18 School Year