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September 26, 2017


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The World Around You is studied in many ways.

Some science classes use google classroom and the Science textbooks have  great learning activities as well. Remember to use your yutanhs.com email and the password you created to sign onto the book. 

Life Science:  Learn through virtual disection about worms and owl pellets? We also use Discovery Ed for in class activities. passcode FEC4-7514 or play games to match crayfish parts.

You can also use these Learning games to change the world, practice independent and dependent variables, study the heart or complete reliable Animal research as well as energy.

Social Studies 7: The social studies textbook has interactive quizzes and vocabulary flashcards. Try THIS for interactive maps or ilike2learn has great maps as well. Be prepared in an emergency situation or just learn about historical places like my friend Dakota suggests.

Earth science: In addition to your google classroom and online book.

Social Studies 8: Mr. Mead has an excellent website full videos, activities and lesson plans.These sites have audio downloads, fun videos for historical events facts and general social studies information. This is a good place for help with the Lewis and Clark  or  Who's Who project?

Physical Science:  Check out your teacher's website and google classroom. 

Biology cell review and virtual frog dissection can be of assistance as well as this link on viruses and bacteria.

Computer sciences and business: online book 

World History: textbookvirtual tours and tips for traveling to far away locations. Architecture is another way to connect the sciences with real life application. Explore Greek mythology. 

US History: Again Mr. Mead has a helpful website to review what's covered in class as well as textbook activities  and use these quizzes to help study. Volunteer to read in audio book format like this one for example Jungle.

Earth Science: Ecology the Encyclopedia of Earth changing daily.

Anatomy: interactive quizzes and models and labeling exercises 

Government: Textbook activities available use the web code for the specific chapter and section.Ways to stay safe in a crisis and guidance when voting on the issues.