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Math and Music

September 26, 2017


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Math Help can be found in many places.

First try your math teacher's websites for recorded lessons and extra practice.

PRE-ALGEBRA 9 lesson plans can be found here (this section is at the Pre Algebra 8 pace 

We will be trying flipped lessons for the first quarter which means daily work for home is to listen to the assigned lesson and bring at least one note with you to class.

We continue working in chapter 3 with Metric measurement on Monday, Mean median mode and range Tuesday and Word problems on Wednesday with the Chapter 3 test starting on Thursday no Calculator Fix and check with calculator on Friday.  To prepare for the test and notebook check make sure you have notes on all these checking reasonableness of answers using methods for estimation like rounding, clustering and compatible numbers. This week more solving equations using decimals with various operations  ending early on Thursday with a quiz over 3.1-3.5.

 Please label your notes with the section at the beginning of them.  It makes checking notebooks so much easier, and helps you to use them effectively during the test. 

We will work on all typical homework assignments in class and hand them in for a grade at the end of the period. All  mistakes should be learned from by reworking them and submitting again for full credit to prepare for the tests. After the test the assignments can be reworked for partial credit. 

Hopefully this will encourage: preparation for class and tests, note taking and decreased late work which translates into better study habits and good grades. 

Next you might need to access the textbook for other resources.All grades Math textbook link with your first and last name@yhs.com, password yutan__ 

The textbook homework tutor code "are" for 7th grade "ase" for 8th grade "bje" for 9th followed by chapter and lesson (ex chapter 2 lesson 8 would be 0208). Want to practice for a quiz or test? Simply change the "e" to "a" in the code.  

Finally these are some sites that students have recommended over the years: 

Math: Basic math facts can be practiced on many sites, but these are a few I like. For graphing practice check this teacher's page.

Ancient Math and Music connection see this video.

 Create your own music or identify famous pieces, listen to a variety of instruments or practice for Music theory quizzes or build your own rhythms.