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Math and Music

September 26, 2017


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We are back on track with the lesson plans on Ms. Zabrocki's website.  

 Last week's links to study for the quest coming up in case you didn't turn in notes.  

Tuesday: Start Chapter 11 simplifying and estimating square roots.11.1 notes

Wednesday: 11.2 Pythagorean Theorem

Thursday: Distance and Midpoint formulas 11.3


Monday: Continue to solve problems with quadratic and cubic functions for graphing.11.5

Tuesday:  Quest using the notes handed in during class. 

Wednesday: Final push on Khan mappers after going over most commonly missed problems.



Use all the resources and suggested tutor links given so far to help you understand these concepts.

Brush up on math facts using phschool (bje chapter and section) khan academy, mathopolis and IXL (daily practice for free will be required last 30 days of school). Also feel free to share new sources that you discover as well. 


Math Help can be found in many places.

First try your math teacher's websites for recorded lessons and extra practice.

Next you might need to access the textbook for other resources.All grades Math textbook link with your first and last name@yhs.com, password yutan__ 

The textbook homework tutor code "are" for 7th grade "ase" for 8th grade "bje" for 9th followed by chapter and lesson (ex chapter 2 lesson 8 would be 0208). Want to practice for a quiz or test? Simply change the "e" to "a" in the code.  

Finally these are some sites that students have recommended over the years: 

Math: Basic math facts can be practiced on many sites, but these are a few I like. For graphing practice check this teacher's page.

Ancient Math and Music connection see this video or use this chrome extension to explore rhythms and patterns.

 Create your own music or identify famous pieces, listen to a variety of instruments or practice for Music theory quizzes or build your own rhythms.

Other Music lessons from banddirectorstalkshop.com that I find interesting are:

How to read musicHow brass instruments workBenefits to for the brain , Visualize rhythmMath behind the beat, and Genius of Beethoven just to name a few of the many that are out there.