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8th Grade Social Studies


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Unit I: Exploration

    Unit I Flipped- E.C. Assignment #1

  1. Click on the Link below.  Register an account, add the 8th Grade Social Studies Class, watch THIS VIDEO.

‚Äč    Unit I Handouts/Classwork/Homework

    1.  Inca/Aztec Venn Diagram- Chapter 2 Section 1

    2.  Guided Notes- Explorers

    3.  La Casas Primary Reading

    4.  Explorers Map

    5.  Section 3 and 4 Guided Reading Questions


Unit II- Colonialism

Unit II- Flipped Lesson

    Watch the 4 Jamestown Videos on EDPuzzle- Be sure to use your account you previously     

    set up. 

    Link here: Jamestown Videos

    Colonial Regions Video- Link 

Unit II Handouts/Classwork/Homework

    1.  Lost Colony Reading

    2.  Mayflower Compact Primary Questions

    3.  13 Colonies Notes

    4.  Sect 3 and 4 Worksheets

    5.  13 Colonies Map

    6.  13 Clonies Regions Chart/Triangle Trade Map

    7.  Unit II Test Review


Unit III: Revolution

Unit III Flipped Lessons:

    1. Stamp Act Prezi-  Prezi Link- Questions Handout


Unit III Handouts/Notes/Homework- 

    1.  Pre-Revolution Student Guided Notes 

    2.  To Arms Timeline Events and Requirements 

    3.  Chapter 7 Section 1 Worksheet

    4.  Revolutionary War Battles Guided Notes

    5.  Chapter 7 Section 3/4 Worksheets

    6.  Unit III- Revolution Study Guide

    7.  Who's Who Project Rubric


Unit V: Jefferson/Lewis and Clark and War of 1812

Unit V: Jefferson/Lewis and Clark and War of 1812

Unit V: Flipped Lessons: Louisiana Purchase 


1.  Lewis and Clark Notes

2.  Louisiana Territory Map

3.  War Hawks

4.  Lewis and Clark Project

5.  War of 1812 Notes

6.  War of 1812 Timeline

7.  Star-Spangled Banner Lyrics

8.  Unit Study Guide


Unit VI: Jacksonian Democracy

Reinventing the Presidency Part 1- Video

Reinventing the Presidency Part 2- Video 


1.  Canal and Roads Map

2.  James Parton description of Andrew Jackson

3.  Jackson Video viewing questions



Unit VII: Industrialization


1. Mexican-American War- Video Link 

    Worksheet Link 

2. Unit Study Guide- Link 




Unit VIII: Industrialization

Video Link: Here