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Spanish 2


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Aug 27th.  Today we review stem changing verbs with The Spanish Dudehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXfP_Zc040I      We also completed a Study guide.  


After we reviewed TPR words and body parts and started on story about a girl who wouldn't wake up . Below is the video.  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/d58252f5b9ec56106cfb4205e471d620  for 2nd hour Spanish 2 class . 

Aug 23rd   Today we introduced stem changing verbs.  We watched a video by Sr. Jordan to help us slow down the explination.  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/1f34a46b8ffe27f6e150130774a3dfa3  


Sr   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBj7-ZnP-Dk


Aug 22.  Todays class we focused in on the words pesadilla- nightmare, and cabello- hair as part of our lesson.  

Here is the link of our class  recorded lesson   of    Spanish 2 Period 3  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/7faacd4d0ea08db4e93f13729d6a2206

Aug 21st,  Today in class we started to learn more body parts and talk about nightmares.  This is a video from Spanish 2 Period 3 .  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/e84fba5c989a76942deeb0322968c5e8 

Aug 20th.  Today in class we started learning our new vocabulary with TPR and lots of questions.  Below is a recording of Spanish 2 Period 2 class for you to review.  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/2efc693a666f3bdc9ce74ab21bc87bde 1st half of class

2nd half of class https://cloud.swivl.com/v/0054c676c0a814e5a7db06b5ec8b533c 


Aug 15, 2018

Starting the year off TPRS.  Today in class we practiced with the verb jugar (to play ) by asking students what they play. Check back throughout the year to see videos from the class for review. 

We are also geting the classroom technology set up and online homework.  Duolingo will have an assignment due about every 4 days. click the hyperlink to view all schedules homework assignments.  Default Hyperlink Text