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Spanish 3


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Sept 20 new vocabulary ( crece - grows,  se siente mal/ bien - he/ she feels good bad,  no puede salir - he/ she cannot go out) personized questions and review   https://cloud.swivl.com/v/03a032dc619faaaa6194b9da2b29f6bf



Room projects due Sept 12th  ( 1st draw and label your room, 2nd 15 items  in Spanish,  3rd.  color it  4th write a 50 word paragraph about your room and why you like it. 

Class video Aug 29th

Chapter 1 vocabulary ( la pesadilla- nightmare,  el cabello- hair on head,  el perro- dog, se deperto'- he / she woke up,   Que sorpresa!  What a surprize)  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/4e3b84f8620613b531546e42bccd4327