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Spanish 3


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Aug. 22nd.  Today we learned how to form the Future tense in Spanish and practiced forming the tense at Conjuguemos.com .  

Aug 21, 2018   Today we started reviewed our target vocabulary ,  empuja- he/ she pushes,  su aspecto- his, her appearance,  tu' mismo - yourself,  que' sera' sera' - what will be will be,  va a pasear-  he / she goes for a stroll or walk,  se casa- he/ she marries.  The following link is Class today from 1st hour.  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/b03f5728d35fba48332a57343b6f7d93


Aug 15, 2018

We are starting off the year getting all business of class. Going this includes Duolingo our online homework. We are also geting the classroom technology set up and online homework.  Duolingo will have an assignment due about every 4 days. click the hyperlink to view all schedules homework assignments.  Default Hyperlink Text