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Spanish 1


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Sept. 6 el alfabeto Class video https://cloud.swivl.com/v/93dd99b867f2d987c7ce43fe3af320f7

Aug 29. 2018.  Today we reviewed Greetings and Personal Pronouns 

Class video Spanish 1 Period 4 https://cloud.swivl.com/v/7770ceac301d2f86053f934f4f95147f


Aug 27th.  Today we reviewed greetings. 

and practiced our new vocabulary ( toca- touch, levanta- lift, el piso- the floor- el pupitre- the desk, baila- dance , canta-sing, escucha musica- listen to music, camina- walk, corre- run, la puerta- door, la pared - wall ) 

Video of todays class before camara died 5th hour.  https://cloud.swivl.com/v/aee30f072697d89fd9c8fb14a82ebeac


Aug 22nd.  Today we started learning about Spanish Pronouns.  

A pronoun --is a word that takes place of a noun.  

Here are the following Spanish Pronouns 

Also this link will take you to the lesson we had in class. https://cloud.swivl.com/v/9a1599e053798ddb390e3eaa481cb45b  


Aug 20, 2018  Today we started to focus on Introductions and Greetings.  Attached is a video to help with basic Introductions.  


?Como te llamas?-   What do you call yourself? 

Me llamo______-  I calll myself ______

Se llama Bob.  Se llama Mary. - He calls himself Bob.  She calls herself Mary . 

Buenos Dias/ - Good morning, Buenas tardes. - Good afternoon, Buenas noches. Good evening / Good night. 

?Eres un chico?  - are you a boy?  ?Eres una chica? - are you a girl? 

Aug. 15 , 2018

Begining of the year with TPR. (TPR) we did lots of moving and watched this fun video (que Hora Es)  to help with worry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cKGyOE_jOI

Today we are getting aquanted with each other and setting up class technology.  Duolingo is our online homework and will have an assignment due every week. 


Part 2 of fun video Que Hora Es https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZGac0jM8f0