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Class Expectations

August 07, 2017


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Miss Zabrocki’s Math Class


Binders:  Each student will be required to have a binder for my class for notes and homework for each section.  This is a way to keep you organized and an easy way to earn points in my class.  Binders will be checked on test days.  You will receive points for each section of notes and the corresponding homework that goes with it.  Points for each chapter will depend on the number of sections and days covered.  Each item in your binder will be worth 1 pt. 


 Homework will be given most days after the lesson is done.  I expect everyone to make an effort on all problems assigned.  This means SHOW YOUR WORK!!!! I have the liberty to take off points if work is not shown.

  • Each homework assignment is worth 5 points.  Please make sure your name, date, and the homework assignment are visible at the top of the paper.
  • Most days there will be time to work on the assignment in class.  Please use that class time productively to work on the homework.  I will be there as a resource if you have questions.
  • Re-do’s on assignments can be done as long as it is from the current chapter.   You can receive full credit back if you correct all of your mistakes.
  • Late work will result in the lowering of your total points.  If your assignment is 1 day late, the highest points you can receive is a 9.  If your assignment is 2 days late the highest points you can receive is an 8, and so on and so forth.    
  • Names will be posted of those with missing work.  Those with more than 2 missing assignments will receive detentions.
  • Most assignments will be graded at the beginning of each class. They must be done at that time…or they are late!  You can only check your assignment in red pen!  If I see there is cheating, it is an automatic 0 for the assignment.

Quizzes/Check Points:

Quizzes will be given twice a chapter.  Most of the questions for the quizzes will be homework questions or problems very similar.  So, if you do the homework, you can do the quiz.  SHOW YOUR WORK!!!! 

  • Quizzes will be worth 20 points. 
  • Quizzes will be collected during class and must be finished before the next class period or it will be graded as is.
  • You will be able to redo questions missed on quizzes for half credit.  When quizzes are handed back, you will be able to star the top corner and hand it back to me for a redo.  This must be done the same class period quizzes are handed back.  Redo’s bust be done in my classroom during a study hall or agreed time.
  • Check point quizzes on 1-5 homework problems will be given once every couple of sections.  These will be worth 10 points.  No redo’s of check points.


Tests will be given after each chapter.  The day before each test, we will review the material from the chapter that will be on the test.  SHOW YOUR WORK!!!!

  • Tests are worth 100 points and must be completed before the next class period or it will be graded as is. 
  • If you are gone for a review day, you will still be expected to take the test on the given day.
  • You will have the opportunity to redo tests same as quizzes.

Midterms:  At the end of each quarter, you will be given a midterm as a test grade and a redo opportunity.  Each midterm will be over the chapters covered that quarter.  If you score better on a particular chapter during the midterm than you did on that chapter test, I will replace the grade.  Midterms are worth 100 points.


Projects will be assigned typically once or twice a semester.  Guidelines for each project will be given when it is assigned along with a grading rubric.

Textbooks/Online Textbooks (Geometry/Pre-Algebra/Math 8):

Each student has online access to the textbooks online.  If you have used the site before, all your login information is the same (you have just been reassigned to a new class).  If not, you will go to…


Login: firstlast@yhs.com

Password: Yutan2017

This is where you can see the book from home and get other support material online.  Please let me know ASAP if you have issues with the online version.

You will be able to use the actual textbooks during class work time.  If you choose to take a book home, you will need to sign out the book at the end of the day and return it by 8am the next day!!!  We have limited amounts of books, so please do your best to utilize the online textbook.  Also, I would be willing to make copies of the book to take home as well.  Just ask me after school or during my plan.


If you know you are going to be missing class, please let me know as soon as possible.  That way I can do my best to get you the homework before hand.  Due dates for makeup work will be twice the number of days you are absent (i.e. if you are gone for 2 days, you will have 4 days to make up the work).  I will try to put missing work in your folder when you are gone.  As stated above, if you are absent for a review day only, you will still have to take the test if you return the next day.  If you miss my class (doctor’s appointment, dentist, etc.) but still come back to school, I still expect assignments to be due that day!


I have a set of calculators for you to use during class.  If you want to bring your own, that is fine as well.  This does not mean you need to buy one.  Please return my calculators to the correct spot at the end of class.  They cannot be taken from my room unless you check them out!

Cell Phones:

Per the handbook, no cell phones will be allowed in class…period!  If it is out during class, it will be put in a box at my desk for the remainder of class.  If it becomes a regular issue you will receive a detention.  Please don’t make phones an issue this year!


*I am usually here in the morning by 7:40.  Please come see me if you have questions or issues at that time.  I coach cross-country in the fall and track in the spring.  Please keep that in mind if you need help.

*I have 3rd period study hall, 4th period plan, and 6th period Math Lab.  These are also good times to see me if you have questions.  Math Lab is a time set aside in my schedule to help kids with math homework.  Come see me so I can help! 

*I will not be signing passes during lectures or the last ten minutes of class unless it is an emergency.

*Water is ok in my glass.  Anything else… ask first.  

*Please tear off the perforated edges of your papers, if possible.  Then I don’t have to do it!