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The following classes are ones that I am currently teaching at Yutan High School:

1st Hour: Digital Media

Digital Media is a new class at Yutan. The class has a primary focus of video production. Students work from the pre-production process of creating an idea all the way through the post-production process where they edit and create the final product. Students create these videos using iMovie based off of content that we film. An ultimate goal for this class is to create a news show for students, staff, and parents to enjoy. Another major part of this class is StrivTV. With StrivTV we use specialized equipment to stream sporting events and concerts live through our channel: http://striv.tv/channel/yutan/. Beginning next year, a major focus will be on creating content for Yutan's new video boards in the gym. 

2nd Hour: Accounting I

In Accounting I students learn the basics of accounting: journalizing, posting to a ledger, reconciling bank accounts, proving cash, preparing a worksheet, preparing an income statement, using special journals, and preparing payroll records. 

3rd & 7th Hour: Personal Finance

As a newly required course at Yutan, I am very excited to be teaching this class. Students will move through six modules: Setting Goals; Earning Power; Money Management; Credit; Banking; and Saving and Investing. Within each module students will learn through many different mediums - reading, writing, exploring, watching, etc. This class will give students the resources to be responsible citizens, especially as they enter college. 

4th Hour: Keyboarding 8

In Keyboarding 8, a main focus is still on learning the skill of keyboarding, however, I like to focus more on the computer application aspect of information technology. Students get more in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office, coding, digital citizenship, and technology in general. They apply their learning through many different mediums including interactive programs and readings. 

5th Hour: Careers 8

Students in careers 8 will work towards the goal of understanding how to become career ready as well as have a general idea of what field of work they will enter into so they can better prepare in high school. The curriculum used is from the Nebraska Department of Education and has four primary units. The primary purpose of the four units are to: describe the nature of work in the "real world"; answer the question, "How do I get to a future career from where I'm at today?"; demonstrate career readiness skills; and demonstrate actions that signify a sense of personal responsibility for career preparation.