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U.S. History

January 21, 2015


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Unit Projects

Reminder- one project for each Unit of study to be turned in exactly one week upon the completion of the unit.

Unit Project Overview

Unit Project Rubric

First Semester

Unit 1: Due: 9/14

Unit 2: Due: 9/28

Unit 3 Due: 10/22

Unit 4 Due: 11/9

Unit 5 Due 12/10

Unit 6 Due: 11/30

Second Semester 

Unit 8 Due: 1/25 

Unit 9 Due: TBD

Unit I: Constitution 

    Unit I Flipped- E.C. Assignment #1- 

  1. Click on the Link below.  Register an account, add the 11th Grade U.S. History Class, watch the video. 
  2. https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5b800e28338f333fe4d4aa9a/watch

​    Unit I Handouts/Classwork/Homework

    1. Constitutional Ideals Vocab Review

    2. Constitutional Convention Reading Packet

    3. Pro vs. Con Reading and Worksheet

    4. Constitution Test Review

Unit II:  Westward Expansion

Unit II Handouts and Assignments

1.  Western Settlement- Overview

2.  Texas Independence and Annexation Animated Video: Link 

3.  Texas Independence and Annexation Animated Video- Worksheet 

4.  Cattle Boom- Westward Expansion PowerPoint

5.  Soloman Butcher, Custer County, and Sod Houses- Video- NET

6.  Teddy Roosevelt and Conservation Web Quest

    Site 1

    Site 2

    Site 3

    Site 4

    Document 1


Unit III:  19th Century African American History

Causes of Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and The Emancipation Proclamation. 

Unit III Flipped Assignments

    1. Use the hand out given in class and complete the following "Closer Look Animated Map" on             Fugitive Slave Law.

    2.  Link- Fugitive Slave Law- (Due Thursday 9/27)

    3.  Kansas-Nebraska Act Video- (Due Monday 10/1)

    4.  Reconstruction Video- (Due Date Thursday 10/11)

        - If asked, use Code:ZOUGOCO

    5.  Reconstruction- Read Works- (Due Date Thursday 10/11)

        - Log-in with Google

        - Use Code: 647Z5Z to join class. 

Unit III: Handouts/Worksheets

    1. Frederick Douglas "The Nature of Slavery"

    2. Events/Causes of the Civil War

    3. John Brown/Fugitive Slave Act Questions

    4. John Brown Reading 

    4. Chapter 10 Assignment

    5. Lincoln ideas on Slavery 

    7. Radical Reconstruction PowerPoint   


Unit III: Slavery by Another Name: Video and Essays. Extension Activity

Directions:  Read the Essay.  For each video link, read the accompanying information and watch the video segment.

Essay: Link 

Black Codes: Link 

Rise and Fall of Reconstruction: Link 

Debt Peonage: Link 

Convict Labor: Link 

Chain Gang: Link 

Sharecropping: Link

Jim Crow and Plessy: Link


Unit IV:  Industrialization/ Rise of Business/Workers Response/Economic Progressive Response 

Unit VI Handouts and Assignments

1.  Module 3 Lesson 1 Guided Reading Notes and Bio Worksheet

2.  Module 3 Lesson 3 

3.  Module 3 Section 4 Foldable

4.  Industrialists Writing assignment

5.  Unit III Test Review

 Unit IV: Flipped Assignment: Rise of Big Business Videos

    1. J.P. Morgan

    2. Thomas Edison

    3. Andrew Carnegie

    4. Henry Ford

    5. Cornelius Vanderbuilt 

    6. John Rockefeller 


Unit V: Immigration, Urbanization, and Social Progressivism 

Unit VI Handouts and Assignments

1.  Module 4 Lesson 1- Immigrant Notes 

2.  Ellis Island Activity 

3.  Module Lesson 2 and 4 Questions and Primary Worksheets 

4.  Lesson 2/4 PowerPoint  

4.  Problems of Youth Primary Resources 

5.  Jacob Riis Reading 


Unit V Flipped Assignment: 

Biography of a Chinaman (1903)- Link 

Chinese Workers Animated Video- Link     Extra Question Handout- Link (Due Monday 11/12)

Steel vs. Brick Skyscrapers- Video- Link 


Unit VI: Imperialism 

Video: Filipino-American War- LINK 

Unit VI: Handouts and Assignments



Unit VIII: Native American History 

Digital Assignments:

Trail of Tears- Closer Look Activity -LINK 

Battle of Little Bighorn- Video Link- Due Thursday 1/10

Dawes Act- Indian Schools- Primary Resource Activity- Due Tuesday 1/15

Dawes Act- Land Allotment- Video Link- Due Tuesday 1/15


FLIPGRID Native American History Activity- Code: xzh8ywz


Unit VIII Handouts and Assignments

1.  Module 2 Section 1- Indian Wars Chart and Reservation Worksheet

2.  Pro vs. Con- Treaty of Ft. Laramie and the Great Sioux Uprising 

3.  Indian Schools Reading

4.  Current Event Discussion- White Clay- Video Link



Unit IX: WWI 

Unit VI Flipped Lesson- 

    Effects of WWI and the Modern Middle East

    WWI Weapons and Warfare Video- from 1/28 for those that missed due to Baylor

Unit VI: Handouts and Assignments
4.  Section 3 Worksheet and Primary Resource 









Unit IV Flipped Videos- WEB DuBois and Booker T Washington 

Unit IV Handouts:

1.  Chpt 15 Sect 2 Worksheet/Bookwork

2.  Chpt 15 Sect 3 Corruption Guided Reading Questions

3.  Chpt 15 Sect 4 Primary Resource Analysis



Unit VII- 1920's

Unit VII Flipped Lesson- 

    1. KKK in Nebraska Reading

    2. Art of the 1920's 

Unit VII: Handouts and Assignments

1.  Red Scare- Chapter 19 Section 1 Guided Reading/Notes

2.  Section 2- Economic Era Notes

3.  Chapter 19 Primary Worksheets 

4.  Racial Tensions PowerPoint

5.  Jazz/Blues Era Reading Packet

6.  KKK Primary Resource/Jazz and Blues Bio Worksheet

7.  KKK in Nebraska Reading

8.  1920's People Project Rubric

9.  1920's Study Guide   

1920's People Project

Facebook Template

Twitter Template


Unit VIII- 1930's

Unit VIII Flipped Lesson- 

   1Dirty Thirties- Dust Bowl PowerPoint Video 

   2. Hoovervilles

    3. Hooverilles and Bonus Army 

Unit VIII: Handouts and Assignments

1.  Stock Market Crash and Ensuing Depression PowerPoint 

2.  Section 2 Vocab and Literature Reading Worksheet

3.  New Deal Guided Notes.  








Note:  Be sure you enable flash player on the Chromebook webpage. 


2nd Semester Project Requirements- Partner Documentary Video

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