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June 21, 2017


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This page will answer some questions commonly asked by students and parents.


How can I (the student) help myself?

Go the my Helpful study sites page and start with the links for your grade level or review past years' links.

If you are looking for help with something other than studying the kid's health website is a great source of information on various disabilities.

When am I considered an adult? Here is the Age of Majority booklet which spells out some of the confusing 18-19 year old's ??

How do I get resource help?  If you have had an IEP in the past year, see Mr. Davis or myself to reactivate similar services. Parents or students wanting to know what an IEP is all about. 

 Students without an IEP need to be referred to the SAT coordinator by a teacher or their parent. This process is  detailed in the linked flowchart 

Where can I get a copy of my Parent Rights in Special Education?

Request a copy at your student's IEP meeting or download the most current copy in English or in Spanish

How can I access services for my child/ student?

Understanding your child's challenges is the first step.

Social Security  

Autism tool kits for many occasions




Behavior and Developmental Disabilities 

Babies Can't Wait app or Nebraska Early Develoment Network  

Assistive Technology       #a11y

Vision services         #perkins #braille

States have Deaf Blind projects and the Paths to Literacy website.

Kids don't come with an instruction manual so where can I get helpful parenting tips?

Parenting quirky kids free audio/video instruction and helpful newsletter  

Disability is Natural Kids with a disability are people first and Understood.com are great resources.  

Jill Kuzma's website for help with social and communication ideas   

Empowering Parents 

I have the Total Transformation program and Boys Town Parenting book available for check out if you are ever interested. 

If you find something inspirational to share let me know and I'll add it. We can always learn a few new "tricks".