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Language Arts

August 21, 2017


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Use this site or duolingo to practice vocabulary for Spanish, German or another language you would like to attempt.

7th grade English: Many things about our language can be confusing like learning lists of prepositions. Spelling is one of those challenging things about English as well as vocabulary. Here is the list. Reading can be fun when you follow along to recordings like this for Outsiders or Lord of the Flies or volunteer to read on sites like this one The Time Machine. Finding quotes or vocabulary is easier with the pdf of the book and ctrl f try it if word searches are not your strength.  


Junior High Reading: Weekly news articles, vocab.com and novels like Tangerine.

Keyboarding makes writing and editing so much easier so practice Typing with these sites to race.

8th grade English:  In addition to Ms. Eikmeier's informative website, stories like The Diary of Anne Frank have study guides and quizzes online as well as vocabulary lists that can help you prepare for root word quizzes. Using sites like this one can help unpack the meanings of more difficult words. Check your online vocab.com assignments as well as organized binders before class. 

9th English: Sometimes requires translation of Shakespeare  or reading books like The Help,  Hound or Animal Farm. Use these exercises to help you meet the demands of writing and summarizing ideas you research making "copy/paste" less tempting.

10th English: New this year is the use of NoRedInk log in with school gmail to complete the lesson assigned or just brush up with grammar rules practice. Read summaries of some novels on spark notes the no fear Shakespeare section is extremely helpful as well as these quizzes other teachers have made. Start on scholarships like this one after reading Anthem.
This year requires a lot of research for speeches and the dreaded research paper so get familiar with the library resources available and your teacher's website.

Speech: Mark Twain once said, “There are two kinds of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.” 

Junior English works to improve your writing process and practice active reading skills by using this response journal with The Bean Trees or search The Memoirs of a Child Soldier. Writing is one way to continue a conversation using "they say I say" technique.

Seniors have two English options:

Practical English: Find the audio book or full text version of Looking for Alaska (ctrl F or search window in pdfs) to narrow down the reading. Of Mice and Men and learn how to play euchre.

College English with Ms. Eikmeier check her website for specifics.