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English 4

September 18, 2017


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The content for English 4 is divided into two semesters that correspond to dual-credit courses at Southeast Community College.  First semester is the writing semester (ENGL 1010--Composition I) while second semester is the literature semester (ENGL 2100--Introduction to Literature).

ENGL 1010 syllabus (first semester)
ENGL 2100 syllabus (second semester)

Daily lesson plans

SCC transcript request instructions
SCC transcript request video

Helpful links
  The Hub
  Quizlet class
  Google classroom (code to join is o30lzbe)

Click below for individual lessons
  Literary theories and terms notes (1/4 and 1/7)
  Short stories book (1/7-?)
  Glass Castle unit instructions (1/14 audio)

First semester
  Writing notebook prompts (must be logged in to @yutanhs.com account to access)
  Pocket Style Manual (8/21--pg 42-47; 8/23--pg 7-8, 10-11, 32-34; 8/29--pg 288-295, 8/30--pg 296-297, 57-59; 8/31--pg 59-64)
  Editing hints sheet (8/21, 8/29, 8/30, 8/31)
  Peer/self revision instructions (8/27 audio)
  Using Commas Correctly (8/31, 9/4, 9/5)
  Commas day 2 (8/31 audio)
  Redo instructions (9/5 audio)
  Apostrophes and quotation marks/end punctuation worksheets (9/7)
  Semicolons/colons/dashes/capitalization/hyphens (9/10 audio)
  Semicolons/colons/dashes/capitalization/hyphens worksheet (9/11)
  Response #1 instructions (9/13 audio)
  Response #1 Works Cited screenshot (9/13)
  Response rubric (9/18 audio)
  Resumes (9/18 audio)
  Sample resume entries (must be logged in to @yutanhs.com)
  Resume editing practice (9/19)
  I-search requirements and example (9/20 audio)
  Interviewing information (9/21 audio)
  I-search research Occupational Outlook Handbook (9/24 video--must be logged in to @yutanhs.com account)
  I-search research CareerOneStop (9/25 video)
  I-search introduction (10/2 audio)
  Emails and letters (10/4 audio)
  E-mail packet with notes (10/4)

  Thank you letter and professional e-mail requirements (10/4)
  I-search body (10/5 audio)
  Letter to future self instructions with audio (10/18)
  Persuasive requirements (10/24 audio)
  Persuasive appeals notes and examples (10/26)
  Persuasive research hints (10/29 video)
  Persuasive sample paper notes and audio (11/1)
  Citation reminders (11/6 audio)
  Personal narrative requirements/memoir characteristics/"The Drama Bug" (11/14 audio)
  "The Drama Bug" notes (11/14-11/15)
  "The Drama Bug"/Response #2 requirements (11/15 audio)
  Tips for writing vivid narratives/personal narrative example/personal narrative prewriting process (11/19 audio)
  Personal narrative examples with notes (11/19)
  Personal narrative editing example (11/19)
  Reader's response writing notebook (12/4 audio)
  Final response essay requirements (12/7 audio)
  APA format instructions (12/7 video--must be logged in to @yutanhs.com account)
  APA references instructions (12/10 video--must be logged in to @yutanhs.com account)
  This I Believe and Thoughts by essay examples (must be logged in to @yutanhs.com account)