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Spanish has a new way.


August 13, 2016


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I am so excited to use Comprehensible Input (CI) this year for all of my classes!  CI has been a growing trend in world language teaching since the 1990's.  The focus is to make learning more natural and everything 100% comprehensible for students.  This technique has been proven to improve students learning and enjoyment of a foreign language.  I will be doing TPRS (total physical response storytelling) as a form of CI.  I want all students and parents to know that while very little work (or so it appears) is being done by the students it is the most affective learning application for long term deep memory language accusation.  

There are 3 steps to TPRS.   

1. establish meaning : -  this is done thought gestures, props, and direct translation .  We limit vocabulary to 3 words or phases at a time.  Students take a direct roll in their learning by creating gestures that work for them.  After we as a class establish meaning we practice with the words of phrases by asking and answering personalized questions.  (Almost everyone loves to talk about themselves)  This process of the lesson can take 2 -3 day.  The goal is to have the word or phrase repeated over 100 times with the students understanding everything. 

2.  Ask a story -  In this part of the TPRS learning process the teacher helps the students create a story with the target words or phrases.  The teacher starts with a scaffold story and students add details that are interesting for them personally.  In this step students hear how the natural language is used and produced.  We circle the sentences to increase understanding and confidence in comprehension.  We also re-tell the story a minimum of 2 times with slight changes. We add props and actors in increase interest and fun. 


3. Read-  Now that the students have practiced the target words/phases and created a story the class will read in Spanish a short and similar story with the target words and phrases.  We will talk about the story, add details, create a parallel story with students from the class.  

Spanish has a new way.

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