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Laurie de Souza (Kotalik)



I was born and raised in northeast Nebraska and went to college at Wayne State College. My initial career goals were in the journalism field but I quickly learned I had a knack for creative writing, which is frowned upon in serious newscasts. I eventually acknowledged my talents in connecting with others and my passion for teaching and went back to Wayne State to add my education endorsement. I made the leap from small town northeast Nebraska to Omaha when I student taught at Elkhorn High. I then retreated back to small town life in Essex, Iowa where I taught for two years but moved back to Omaha to be closer to family and friends.

This year Juniors will use Vocabulary.com to practice grade level and ACT vocabulary. It is really a neat tool for expanding vocabulary! I included the link at the bottom of this page - check it out if you have time. If you your child claims to be working on vocabulary on their computer or phone and you question what they're doing, I encourage you to ask them to show you how Vocabulary.com works! :-)

This is my fifth year teaching English and Speech at Yutan and also coaching One-Act.

Below is a link for our classroom Donor's Choose campaigns. These campaigns are put in place to raise money for books for the classroom. These books are for students to explore and engage in class discussions with - they're new releases with high-interest content.  We hope you can donate $10-$20 to help us reach our goals so students have high-quality books in which they can immerse themselves and broaden their horizons! :-) 



Phone# 402-625-2241 Email lkotalik@esu2.org Room #

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